Hypermedia Systems Trademarks and Servicemarks

The following are trademarks, registered trademarks, or servicemarks of Hypermedia Systems, Inc.

Hypermedia Systems Logo

Hypermedia Systems Iconic Logo

All trademarks and logos that contain Hypermedia Systems, Inc.; HMS; or Hypermedia, and certain other trademarks and logos appearing on this website, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hypermedia Systems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Company Name Use

The “HMS” name is not only a trademark used to identify our products and services, it also serves as our company name. When using the “HMS” name as a reference to the company, “HMS” may be used as anoun and no TM symbol is needed. For example, the sentence “HMS announced a new line of services”, or “Hypermedia Systems announced a new line of services” would be appropriate uses.

Proper Trademark Attribution: Symbols and Legends

Trademark ownership is attributed in two ways, with the use of a trademark symbol (™ or ®) after the trademark, and with a trademark legend, usually found at the end of a document in legible text following the copyright notice. Remember, mere inclusion of a trademark symbol and legend does not entitle you to use an HMS trademark! For information on how to properly use an HMS trademark in association with a non-HMS product or service, please Contact Us

Trademark Symbols

Assuming you are permitted to use a HMS trademark, please make sure to attribute the mark with the proper symbol. Always use the ® symbol with the HMS logo. For all other HMS trademarks, do not use the symbol, but instead use the symbol for products, or the symbol for services. The symbol should be placed immediately after the trademark, either in superscript or in parenthetical form, such as , TM, tm, SM, sm, etc. Trademark symbols should be used on HMS trademarks as follows:

a. On products, product labels, and packaging, use an appropriate symbol in each prominent use of the trademark.

b. In every other context, use an appropriate symbol in both the first prominent use of the trademark (in headlines, banners, etc.) and in the first use in the text of body copy.

c. Always use the appropriate symbol incorporated into any of HMS’s logos.

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